Prior to undertaking the circumcision, the baby will be placed on a specially designed bed which holds him for the procedure. This removes any need for a nurse or parent to hold the baby during the circumcision.

Frequently parents prefer to return to the waiting room while their baby is circumcised, though should they wish to remain this is perfectly acceptable.

Once the skin has been cleaned local anaesthetic is injected into the base of the penis. This injection has the effect of numbing the whole penis for a few hours, thus the rest of the procedure will not be felt by the infant. Once numb, the foreskin is gently separated from the tip (glans) of the penis. A slit is then made down the back of the foreskin which then allows the plastibell© to be placed over the glans. Once in place the foreskin is tied to the plastibell© with a loop of surgical tie. Excess skin is then removed. The baby's circumcision procedure is then complete.

The infant will return home with the plastibell© in place. Urine can still flow freely through the hole in the end of the plastibell©. The plastibell© will then naturally and painlessly fall off after 5 to 8 days along with the remaining foreskin.

There is no need for a baby to return to the clinic once the procedure is completed.