Once a baby's circumcision has been performed and the plastibell© is in place - normal infant nappy hygiene is required. There is NO need to use antiseptic creams or washes on the area. The plastibell© is firmly attached to the penis and cannot be dislodged with normal cleaning of the penis. Standard nappy barrier creams are safe to use following the circumcision.



As with any surgical procedure there is a risk that a wound can become infected. Keeping the area clean after surgery will reduce this risk. Any sign of significant inflammation or swelling of the area should prompt the parent to seek medical advice.


Whilst the plastibell© technique is designed to avoid post-operative bleeding, any sign of active bleeding from the circumcision site should prompt the parent to seek urgent medical advice.

Meatal Stenosis

Meatal stenosis is a condition where the urethral opening of the penis (the hole at the tip) can narrow after a circumcision. This can lead to difficulty in passing urine and may require treatment with a steroid cream or even surgical dilation. Use of a barrier such as vaseline on the tip of the penis for 2 weeks after circumcision reduces the chance of this occurring.

Penile damage

Whilst rare, there have been case reports of damage to the penis accidentally occuring during circumcision. Having the procedure undertaken by a doctor familiar with the technique and the use of the plastibell© method reduces this risk.